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Purdue-Technion Quantum Postdoctoral Fellowship

This memorandum is to announce a new joint postdoctoral fellowship between Purdue University and the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology. This program will seek excellent postdoctoral fellows to conduct quantum-focused, fundamental research projects under joint mentorship from principal investigators (PIs) from Purdue and the Technion.

Call for proposals for Academic Visitors

The Helen Diller Quantum Center will fund throughout the year a number of grants for distinguished academic visiting scientists for short-term and long-term periods at the center. Faculty members may
"Quantum Mechanics in Nanoscience and Engineering"
The book  goes from basic quantum mechanics to phenomena and processes in the “real world” (Thermal, wet, dense etc). The book covers most of the topics in elementary courses of introduction to QM and quantum chemistry, as well as some advanced topics (e.g., open quantum systems, charge and energy transport, etc) The pedagogical attitude formulates much of the technical steps as questions/guided exercises. Just reading these exercises already gives a flavor of the underlying proofs, for “easy” reading. More rigorous students would probably want to actively solve the exercises or follow the
Gefen Baranes
Gefen Baranes is 25 years old Technion undergraduate whose enviable research record resembles that of an advanced graduate student. 
Anna Eyal
Dr. Anna Eyal heads the Technion’s Quantum Matter Research Center