The Helen Diller Center Management and Administrative Staff


Prof. Yosi Avron  

Director - Prof. Yosi Avron                                      


Executive Committee

Prof. Yosi Avron

Prof. Gadi Eisenstein

Distinguished Prof. Moti Segev

Prof. David Gershoni

Prof. Netanel Lindner

Prof. Aharon Blank

Prof. Tal Mor

Prof. Ido Kaminer

Prof. Roee Meshulam

International Advisory Committee 

Prof. Ady Stern , Chair  (Weizmann Institute of Science)

Prof. Amir Yacoby (Harvard University, USA)

Prof. Immanuel Bloch (Ludwig Maximilian University, Munich and the Max Plank Institute for quantum optics in Garching)

Prof. Gil Refael (Caltech, USA)

Prof. Charles M. Marcus (University of Copenhagen)

Prof. Dorit Aharonov (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem) 

Prof. Michel Devoret (Yale University)

Prof. Terry Rudolph (Imperial College)

Prof. Dagmar Bruss  (University of Dusseldorf)

Steering Committee

Including senior members of the Technion management and faculty deans advises on strategic issues and oversees the activities of the Executive Committee;


Prof. Avron Joseph 

Prof. Entov Michael

Prof. Guy Bartal

Prof. Ehud Behar

Prof. Aaron Blank

Prof. Gitti Frey

Prof. Gad Eisenstein

Prof. Michael Entov

Prof. Dan Geiger

Prof. Oleg Gendelman

Prof. David Gershoni

Prof. Ido Kaminer

Prof. Idit Keidar

Prof. Netanel Lindner

Prof. Tal Mor

Prof. Roee Meshulam

Prof. Oded Rabinovich

Prof. Jacob Rubinstein

Prof. Mordechai Segev 

Shay Tsseses


Search and Hiring Sub Committee is in charge of screening candidates for faculty positions;

Infrastructure Sub Committee is in charge of evaluating proposals for infrastructure and laboratory equipment;

Education Sub Committee is in charge of initiating new courses, media-based teaching technology, and overseeing the education issues in quantum science and technology in the Technion;

Finance Sub Committee oversees the budget and finances of the Center;

Ad hoc subcommittees convene as the need arises: for reviewing research proposals; organization of schools; community retreats and other matters of operation.


Administrative Staff

Ashkenazi Tanya - Center Manager                               Phone: +972-4-829-3302      Email:      

Savyon Pazit - Center Projects Head                Phone: +972-4-829-5037      Email: 

Sondak-Minikes Meirav - Center Projects Head           Phone: +972-4-829-3052      Email: