Surface Characterization Center of Solid State Institute


The Surface Science Laboratory serves as a center for basic and applied research in the field of surface science.

Established in 1980 it has contributed to the research of hundreds of academic teams and industrial companies in a variety of fields from classical materials engineering, chemistry and physics to modern microelectronics, nanoparticles, and quantum computing.

Academic supervisor: Prof. David Gershoni,

Available services:

XPS - X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy (VersaProbeIII by PHI)

Contact person: Dr. Kamira Weinfeld,

Phone : 04 -829-5638/ 3421

TOF-SIMS- Time of Flight Secondary Ion Mass Time of Flight Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry (TOF-SIMS5 by Iontof)

Contact person: Dr. Shaul Michaelson,

Phone: 04-829-3148

STM/AFM - Scanning Tunneling/Atomic Force Microscopy (Omicron UHV SPM), Kelvin prop force microscopy

Contact person: Dr. Cecile Saguy,

Phone: 04 -829-3547