Quantum Matter Research (QMR) Center

(Physics faculty)

The QMR center is a material characterization facility, located in the Faculty of Physics, aimed at testing materials at low temperatures and high magnetic fields.

The center includes a physical property measurement system for measuring electronic and thermal properties of samples, a magnetic property SQUID based measurement system and an X-ray diffractometer.


Academic supervisors:

Prof. Amit Kanigel, amitk@physics.technion.ac.il 

Prof. Amit Keren keren@physics.technion.ac.il


Center manager:

Dr. Anna Eyal, annae@technion.ac.il, phone: 04-829-3580


List of Equipment:

1.Quantum Design Dynacool - 14T, 1.8K-400K.

2.Quantum Design MPMS3 - 7T, with a 3He option down to 0.4K, oven for up to 1000K and high pressures up to 1.3GPa.

3.Bruker D8 advance eco XRD - for powder diffraction, with Cu radiation.