Robert and Ruth Magid Quantum Education Program

To address the educational needs in QST (Quantum Science and Technology) and prepare a new generation of scientists and engineers to face the challenges of the upcoming era of QST, the Technion has revolutionized the curriculum and introduced new courses and teaching labs in QST.

The new curriculum offers the science and engineering undergraduates a comprehensive education in QST.

In addition to the standard undergraduate courses in Science and Engineering and in Quantum Mechanics,  they also get a unique opportunity to take part in  state-of-the-art teaching labs in QST and to participate in new and unique courses such as Quantum Information, Quantum Technologies and Programming a Quantum computer.

Students who participate in one of the four years undergraduate programs can enroll in a unique program that will award them a certificate of specializations in QST upon graduation.

Robert and Ruth Magid,  Australian Jewish philanthropists, support the university’s undergraduate Quantum Science and Technology Program through a gift of $3 million for the undergraduate education program.

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Robert and Ruth Magid with Technion President Prof. Uri Sivan

Robert and Ruth Magid (Right) with Technion president Prof. Uri Sivan (Left)