Prof. Moti Segev
Office Phone:  +972-77-8873926
Location:  Solid State Institute, room #212
Mordechai (Moti) Segev
Quantum area: Quantum communication , Quantum computing , Quantum simulations
Physics Faculty

Postdoc at Caltech

PhD - Technion in  1990

BSc - Technion in 1985 

  1. Topological photonics (photonic topological insulators, topological insulator lasers, artificial gauge fields in photonics, etc.)
  2. Light and disorder (Anderson localization of light, hyper-transport, localization by deep-subwavelength disorder, etc.)
  3. Structure-based subwavelength imaging, and super-resolution in space, time, frequency and in quantum systems. 
  4. Curved space photonics and photonic devices inspired by General Relativity concepts.
  5. Complex nonlinear optofluidics
  6. Nanophotonics