Call for proposals- Quantum shorts (on Going)


The Helen Diller Quantum Center wants to create a library of short (10-15 minutes long) videos in Hebrew, on key concepts in quantum science and technology. Currently, the library hosts 11 such videos and we aim at  50 and more.

We  invite you to contribute to this library.  A list of optional topics is attached, but you are welcome to propose a topic of your choice (subject to approval).

The Helen Diller center will fund1,000 NIS for each contribution to the Quantum Shorts video library. 
The video will be filmed at the Technion center for learning and teaching promotion,
and will be uploaded to the Technion YOUTUBE channel as a service for the Quantum community.
Each talk should be approved in advance, by the director of the Helen Diller Quantum Center and coordinated with the Helen Diller Quantum staff.


Quantum Shorts topics