Call for proposals for Academic Visitors

The Helen Diller Quantum Center will fund throughout the year a number of grants for distinguished academic visiting scientists for short-term and long-term periods at the center.

Faculty members may suggest as candidates only visiting Professors or visiting Associate Professors.  

Visiting scientists must have a Technion academic host and a formal visiting appointment at Technion.

The formal application process for visiting scientists is handled by the hosting faculty (department) and the Office for Academic Staff. The hosting faculty is expected to allocate an office at the faculty for the visit period.

The Helen Diller Quantum center will fund the visit according to the following guidelines (as determined by the Office for Academic Staff):

Short term visitors (up to 30 days) can receive one of the following options:

  1. Per diem without receipts for accommodation: $ 120 per day.
  2. Per diem with receipts for accommodation: $ 70 per day, as well as accommodation expenses (upon the presentation of a receipt): $ 220 per night (accommodation expenses shall be covered only for the visitors themselves and not for their family members).

Long term visitors (over 1 month): NIS 22,000 / $ 6,000 per month, regardless of the guest's rank.

Payment for flight tickets and additional expenses:

  1. In each of the above cases the Quantum center will subsidize the expenses of the visitor's flight ticket. The refund will be contingent upon the presentation of the flight ticket and the boarding pass and in the amount specified for the flight in economy class and not more than the local price of a similar flight ticket, up to 3000$.
  2.  The center will cover taxi or train expenses to and from the airport in Israel and abroad. The refund will be contingent upon the presentation of an invoice.

All amounts indicated above are before tax deduction according to the law.

Exceptional Requests: funding of academic visitors in excess of the amounts stated above or refunds for a business class flight ticket, requires the approval of the Vice President for Academic Affairs, which will be granted only in exceptional cases. Each case will be examined on its own merits.

For submitting a request to the Helen Diller Quantum center- please fill in the below form.

The Quantum center will inform the hosting advisor and faculty, regarding the approval or rejection of the application within a month from the submission date.

Following the Quantum center approval letter, the hosting faculty should inform the person in charge of academic guests in the hosting faculty, and the faculty will be responsible for continuing the process with the Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs, with all the required documentation, in accordance with the Procedure for inviting long term guests (for “short term” guests- only the faculty approval is necessary).

***After receiving the written approval of the Vice President for Academic Affairs, the approval must be sent to:

The hosting faculty will be responsible for handling all matters concerning the academic guest prior and during the visit.

Applications can be submitted throughout the year.



Professor Yosi Avron

The Helen Diller Quantum Center - Director

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