Prof. Carlos: Trallero "Generation and control of non-local quantum equivalent photons: Towards new regimes in strong field science"

22 Aug 2023
Weekly seminar
Solid State Auditorium

New experimental techniques allows now to achieve new regimes in time, energy as well as novel symmetries. Temporally, we have developed a, XUV/attosecond heterodyne interferometer that allows temporal measurements with a precision of 3 zeptosecond and a controllable temporal control of 80zs. Such time scales are relevant for quantum electrodynamics, since the Compton time scale, dictating the uncertainty of a photon being created by an electron, is of ~8zs. The interferometer makes use high harmonic generation, in which emission of XUV photons are possible when electrons recollide with a parent nucleus. However, in nanoparticles, this recollision process is radically different than for atoms and molecules leading to a new energetically regime in recollision physics. Finally, by measuring photoelectrons in a  new 3D detector we can directly measure and recover chiral and dichroic selection rules in strong field ionization.