Dr. Shelly Garion: "Quantum Circuit Synthesis and Optimization"

10 Jan 2023
Weekly seminar
Solid State Auditorium






Quantum circuits are the backbone programs in quantum computing. Quantum devices are noisy since quantum computing requires creating fragile superposition states of qubits and interactions between them, hence the depth of quantum circuits is limited in practical applications.

Given a quantum program, generating efficient quantum circuits is vital if we want to fully utilize the potential of the quantum computer.

Our research aims to reduce the depth of certain quantum circuits in order to squeeze more useful operations within the circuit depth limits, as well as to reduce the total count of two-qubit gates, which are noisier in comparison to the single-qubit gates.

We focus on specific types of circuits, including Clifford circuits, CNOT-Dihedral circuits, and linear reversible circuits. We use methods from group theory, computing science, and optimization, and contribute new algorithms to Qiskit open-source.