Dr. Michael Förtsch: "Photonic Quantum Technology"

24 Mar 2022
Weekly seminar
Electriacl & Computer Eng. room 1003 + ZOOM https://technion.zoom.us/j/97738621763

The targeted exploitation of new quantum effects will have a decisive influence on technological progress in the 21st century.

Already today, the disruptive possibilities in the fields of computing, security and sensor technology are evident. Systematic progress in photonics is a central key to the successful industrialization of quantum technologies.

In many areas, light offers the simplest and most efficient, sometimes even the only, way to harness quantum effects in a targeted manner.

Following this conviction, we at Q.ANT develop quantum sensors and quantum computing chips based on our Photonic Quantum Framework.

Our market-oriented product developments include novel particle sensors for the chemical and bio industries, magnetic field sensors for medical applications and quantum computing chips for optimizations in the logistics industry.


Lecture: 15:30-16:30

Open discussion and brainstorming opportunity: between 16:30-17:30