Dr. Michael Förtsch: "More public - Start up Quantum Technologies"

23 Mar 2022
Electriacl & Computer Eng. room 1003

The successful exploitation of Quantum Effects led to game changing products of the 20th century like the Semiconductor, the Atomic Clock and the Laser.

We can already imagine the technological revolutions that the 21st century holds in store for the fields of computing, security and sensor technology through the targeted exploitation of further quantum effects.

The success of these novel products rely not just on the understanding of Quantum Mechanics. To a much greater extent the success of these products depends on understanding the needs of customers, developing the required enabling technologies, and cross-functional teams that speak the same language.

Following this conviction, we at Q.ANT develop quantum sensors and quantum computing chips based on our Photonic Quantum Framework. Our market-oriented product developments include novel particle sensors for the chemical and bio industries, magnetic field sensors for medical applications, and quantum computing chips for optimization in the logistics industry.

In my presentation, I will talk about our technology as well as the experience of founding a company and the advantages of a Start-up.