Technion Quantum Community Retreat (December 2021)

The Technion’s quantum community gathered on December 30, 2021 at Ramat HaNadiv in Zichron Yaakov for the third annual retreat organized by the Helen Diller Quantum Center.

The event was a clear success from both a professional and a social perspective. The day-long retreat offered a rare opportunity for Technion students and faculty members affiliated with the Quantum Center to spend time together outside of their customary environment. All the participants share a keen interest in cutting-edge quantum science and technology, and the day enabled them to deepen their knowledge and learn about each other’s research.

At the retreat, representatives from eight quantum-related research groups explained their research projects in a series of ten-minute presentations. In addition, two new faculty members who recently joined the Technion’s quantum community, Anna Keselman and David Gelbwaser, gave talks about their fields of research. Moshe Shuker, head of the Munitions Division at Rafael, was also invited to lecture at the retreat, as part of the ongoing collaboration between the Quantum Center and industry. He talked about “Quantum technologies – from lab to product.”

Following the lectures and a lunch break, the day continued with a poster competition where students from the various research groups presented the highlights of their projects in a graphic manner. A professional committee of experts selected the day’s best lecture and best poster, together with input from the audience. Gefen Baranes won the best lecture prize for her talk on “Creation of Photonic Cat and GKP States Using Modulated Electrons.” She is a B.Sc. student and her supervisors are Prof. Ido Kaminer and Prof. Itai Arad. It is very unusual for an undergraduate student to be chosen to represent a research group – let alone win the lecture competition! The prize for the best poster went to Oded Zilberman, whose research subject is “Towards Quantum Computation with Neutral Fermions,” under the supervision of Prof. Yoav Sagi.

The day also included a nature walk in the area – a fun opportunity for members of the community to bond and get to know each other in a more informal setting. All in all, the attendees agreed that the Quantum Center’s periodic retreats are not only enjoyable breaks from the campus routine but truly enriching and inspiring experiences.

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