Assist Prof. Shay Hacohen-Gourgy
Office Phone:  :+ 972-77-8873585
Office Location:  Leedov Building, Room #303
Lab Phone:  +972-77-8873980/2027
Shay Hacohen-Gourgy
Quantum area: Quantum computing , Quantum information , Quantum materials , Quantum science and technology , Quantum simulations
Physics Faculty

Post Doc: UC Berkeley, 2013-2017

PhD: Physics, Tel-Aviv University , 2013

MSc: Physics, Tel-Aviv University , 2008

BSc: Physics, Tel-Aviv University , 2006

We study a range of topics from quantum computing and quantum simulations to fundamental physics.

We focus on hardware improvement, problems of robust quantum control, and novel methods for encoding quantum simulations.

We utilize our platform’s exquisite control and precision measurement capabilities to gain a better understanding of quantum measurements and open quantum systems.

Since interaction with the environment is inevitable it is important to find control methods that are robust to the effects of the environment, or better harness this interaction to achieve control.