Yoav Sagi
Quantum area: Quantum communication , Quantum simulations
Physics Faculty

Post doc - JILA (Boulder, CO)

PhD. in the field of ultracold atoms- Weizmann Institute of Science

M.Sc. in Physics - Technion, Israel Institute of Technology, in the field of quantum optics and quantum information

B.Sc. in physics and mathematics - Hebrew University in Jerusalem (1999)

Strongly interacting Fermi gases, Raman spectroscopy of degenerate Fermi gases, High Sensitivity RF Spectroscopy of a Strongly-Interacting Fermi Gas, Shortcuts to adiabaticity, Measurement of Tan’s contact of a homogeneous Fermi gas, Probing homogeneous properties of a strongly-interacting Fermi gases, Anomalous diffusion of atoms in a 1D damped lattice, Collisional narrowing and dynamical decoupling in a dense ensemble of cold atoms, Optical interference with non-coherent states