Prof. Ferdinand Schmidt-Kaler : "Quantum computing and quantum thermodynamics with trapped ions"

20 Apr 2023
Weekly seminar
Solid State Auditorium

Quantum technologies allow for fully novel schemes of hybrid computing. We employ modern segmented ion traps. I will sketch architectures, the required trap technologies and fabrication methods, control electronics for quantum register reconfigurations, and recent improvements of qubit coherence and gate performance. Currently gate fidelities of 99.995% (single bit) and 99.8% (two bit) are reached. We are implementing a reconfigurable qubit register and have realized multi-qubit entanglement [1] and fault-tolerant syndrome readout [2] in view for topological quantum error correction [3] and realize user access to quantum computing [4]. The setup allows for mid-circuit measurements and real-time control of the algorithm. We are currently investigating various applications, including variational quantum eigensolver approaches for chemistry or high energy relevant models, and measurement-based quantum computing.

The quantum technology allows for implementing quantum thermodynamics processes and work engine cycles [5,6]. We have also realized a scheme to detect heat leaks in a quantum circuit [7], study quantum corrections to the fluctuation-dissipation relation [8].


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