Quantum Winter School: Challenges and advances in quantum computing

26 Feb 2023
to 02 Mar 2023
Kedma hotel, Sde Boker

Quantum computing is the new game in town.

New and better quantum computers are emerging almost daily, industry is pitching in and startup companies are mushrooming.

Faculties of science and engineering witness a growing interest and rapid progress in the field involving both theory and experiment.

Come and join us at the upcoming exciting school on “Advances and challenges in quantum computing” from February 26th, 2023 to March 2nd, 2023, where you will learn from leaders in the field about the recent developments in Quantum algorithms, Quantum simulations, Quantum fault tolerance, Quantum complexity, and Quantum verification, from leaders in the field. The school will take place at the Kedma hotel

The school is aimed at advanced undergraduates who took a basic course in quantum information, graduate students, post-docs, and faculty.

Registration is mandatory.

The last due date for registration is December 21st 2022 and is for the purpose of securing your place in the registration list. No fees are required at this stage.

The scientific committee will review the registration list during January 2023 and replies will be sent to all those who had registered.

During January 2023 all those who had registered and received a confirmation by email,  must transfer a registration fee* according to the below guidelines:

  1. 700 NIS - Students
  2. 1,500 NIS- Faculty
  3. A limited number of scholarships will be given to a selected number of undergraduate students

*Most of the school costs are covered by the Helen Diller Quantum Center and the above fee is minimal and will secure a place at the winter school.

Please note that the number of rooms is limited, therefore most participants will share a double or a triple room.

More details will be published during January 2023.