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Quantum Projects for Undergraduates

Different labs at Technion are devoted to research in quantum science and technology and the Helen Diller Quantum Center encourages undergraduate students to delve into this growing field. The multidisciplinary world of quantum science and technology encompasses a large range of fascinating areas and today it is at the forefront of the groundbreaking research around the world.  

All you need to do is look through the list of proposed projects (here), choose a project which interests you, and schedule a meeting with the project’s head researcher. Following the meeting, if both sides agree to continue, simply contact the project coordinator in your home Faculty to receive a formal approval.  

Every year, the Helen Diller Quantum Center will host a competition where the best Final Projects in the field of quantum will receive prizes.  

For more information, please contact Meirav:, Tel. 04-8293052 

Master projects

Come join us for your MSc/PhD in a new project funded by the Israel Science Foundation Hybrid Quantum Algorithms (|H(y)Qua>):

Integrated Software and Hardware Approaches in the NISQ Era

Contact Prof. Frankel at the Technion