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The Helen Diller Quantum Center

Click HereThe Helen Diller Quantum Center  is the Technion's center for Quantum Science and Technology . 

The center builds on the Technion's leadership in science and engineering, and a tradition of excellence in Quantum Science going back to Nathan Rosen, known for his work with Albert Einstein on entangled wave motions and the EPR paradox, and Asher Peres, a pioneer of Quantum Teleportation.

Quantum science and technology is an umbrella for a number of fields including: Quantum Computing, Quantum Communication, Quantum Simulations, Quantum Sensors and Quantum Matter.

The center incorporates world class laboratories in Photonics, Non-linear optics, Quantum dots, Super-conducting qubits and Cold atoms. Six faculties of science and engineering are involved in the Helen Diller Quantum center: Physics, Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, Chemistry, Materials Science and Engineering and Mechanical Engineering.

Over 50 faculty members and more than 100 graduate students, postdocs and scientists across the Technion campus are involved in Quantum research within the Center.

The Center supports research, upgrades of laboratories and infrastructure centers, the recruitment of new faculty members, sponsorship of graduates and post-doc fellowships, the Peres-Rosen distinguished lecture series, and other seminars, workshops and schools. The center also promotes education including teaching laboratories in Quantum science and technology.