Call for proposals - Collaborative Quantum Research at U of T and the Technion (CQRTT)

01 May 2024
01 May 2024

1.This application is open to faculty at U of T’s Centre for Quantum Information and Quantum Control (CQIQC) and the Helen Diller Quantum Center – Technion. Flexibility regarding applicants not affiliated with these Centers will be considered on a case-by-case basis. 

2.Proposals should address challenges in quantum science and technology, with research planned on one of the following areas: quantum computing, quantum communication, quantum sensing, quantum materials.

3.Total amount at Canadian $100K will fund 3 projects at $33K each for one year. The grant money will be equally divided between Toronto and the Technion. Each institution will be responsible to deliver the funds to their researchers.

4.  Teams will be composed of 1 faculty member from the Technion Quantum Center and 1 faculty member from the U of T Quantum Center. Upon funding, each PI will receive $16.5K (CAD, including VAT)

5. Larger groups can be formed. However, the funding for an individual project will be capped at $33K (CAD, including VAT).

6. Project duration is up to 12 months

7. Funded teams will be required to fill a summary report within 1 year of the award. 

8. Evaluation criteria -

  • Project design and rationale (10 points): How clearly presented and justified is the basis for, and design of, the project? How do the proposed activities assist with establishing new and emerging research collaborations?
  • Collaborator complementarity (10 points): What is the added value of the new or emerging collaboration? How do the proposed activities combine mutual areas of interest and strength? 
  • Potential impact (10 points): What desired outcomes do the planned activities set out to achieve? What are the anticipated benefits of the activities to local or international communities?
  • Capacity for future collaboration/funding (10 points): What is the potential for this project to foster ongoing collaboration, and through what mechanism(s)?How well does the proposed collaboration plan to access external funding? 

9.The proposal template is based on the Canadian NSERC Alliance International Catalyst Quantum grants (deadline March 31, 2024). We encourage teams to also apply to any other grant to increase funding amount/project. A CQRTT award does not restrict other funding to the same topic.


Submission will be open till May 1st.

Please download and fill in the enclosed file -follow the guidelines carefully. Please attach the finalized document in the relevant form field.

Proposal template-please fill in and attach bellow in the relevant field
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