Prof. Paris Tzallas: "Linking quantum optics with strong laser field physics"

17 Dec 2020
Weekly seminar

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Strong laser-field physics and quantum-optics, are two seemingly disjoined research areas founded on the classical and quantum description of the electromagnetic radiation, respectively. The former deals with interactions of matter with strong laser fields which traditionally are described by semi-classical approaches, while the later deals mainly with interactions of matter with weak laser fields described by fully quantized approaches. Strong-Laser-Field physics led to groundbreaking discoveries ranging from relativistic electron acceleration to attosecond science, while, quantum optics opened the way for fascinating achievements in quantum technology advancing studies ranging from fundamental test of quantum theory to quantum sensing and information processing. Despite the progress achieved in both research areas, they remained disconnected over the years. Here, after a brief introduction of strong laser-field physics and quantum optics, I will present how we can build the foundations to unite these domains towards fundamental studies of quantum electrodynamics in strong-field physics and the development of a new class of non-classical light sources for applications in quantum technology.