The research group of Prof. David Gershoni succeed in generating clusters of entangled photons, an ability essential for future quantum technologies

Quantum computers able to perform complicated lightning-speed computations and quantum communication that can transfer quantum information across the world without it getting lost or being eavesdropped on, are hot buzzwords of our imagined future. Scientists from the Department of Physics and the Solid State Institute at the Technion – Israeli Institute of Technology bring that future one step closer to fruition. In a recent breakthrough, Doctors Dan Cogan, Zu-En Su, and Oded Kenneth, and Professor David Gershoni have demonstrated a deterministic way to generate chains of entangled and identical photons clusters.

When particles are entangled, they form a unified “system:” the state of each particle inside the group cannot be described independently of the others. Therefore, acquiring information about one particle in the group would give us information about the others. And if one particle is affected, for example by measurement, the others, even on opposite edges of the universe, would also be affected. This property of the entangled particles is the key to the advantages promised by quantum technology. Read more