Anatoli Polkovnikov: "Approximate counterdiabatic driving in complex systems"

03 Feb 2022
Weekly seminar

The idea of the counterdiabatic (CD) driving was first introduced by two chemists M. Demirplak and S. Rice in 2003 and then was independently discovered by M. Berry in 2009. CD driving protocols aim to suppress transitions between instantaneous quantum eigenstates of the time-dependent Hamiltonian by adding an extra (counter) term proportional to the speed of the driving protocol. Successfully implemented CD driving can have a broad range of applications such as state preparation, suppressing dissipation, creating efficient thermal machines or designing fast quantum annealing protocols. The main challenge of implementing CD protocols is that the counter term, which serves also as a generator of adiabatic transformations or the adiabatic gauge potential (AGP), is ill-defined in generic chaotic systems. In this case one can aim to designing approximate CD protocols. In this talk I will review a powerful variational approach for finding the approximate AGP and how one can implement it using Floquet engineering. If time permits I will also discuss close connections of AGP with chaos and integrability, quantum geometry, Schrieffer–Wolff transformation and other topics.