Prof. Aharon Blank
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Office Phone:  +972-77-8873679
Office Location:  Chemistry, Room 355
Lab Phone:  +972-77-8873679
Aharon Blank
Quantum area: Quantum communication , Quantum computing , Quantum sensing
Chemistry Faculty

Post doc: Cornell University, period (2002-2005)

PhD: Physical Chemistry, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, 2002

MSc: Electrical engineering physical electronics, Tel Aviv University, 1997

BSc: Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry Hebrew University of Jerusalem, 1992


Develop and apply new magnetic resonance methodologies, both nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) and electron spin resonance (ESR) to the following applications:

·         Mapping of oxygen and reactive oxygen species in biological systems

·         Imaging and characterization of defects and impurities in semiconductors and solar cells

·         Measurement of diffusion in the micro sec time scale and 10s nm length scale in solutions

·         Estimation of ionizing radiation doses by ESR signal of teeth

·         Detecting and imaging small number of electron spins for quantum sensing and quantum computation applications

·         Development of spin-based quantum microwave amplifier

·         Unique compact NMR and ESR probes for medical applications