Ass Prof. Ilya Goykhman
Location:  Zisapel Building, Room 451
Phone:  +972-4-8292610
Ilya Goykhman
Quantum area: Quantum communication
Electrical Engineering Faculty

Ph.D.: Nanoscale Optoelectronics, Silicon Photonics, Nano-plasmonics, Device Physics, Technology and Nanofabrication; Hebrew University, 2013

M.Sc.: Microelectronics, Biosensing, Nanofabrication, Hebrew University, 2007

B.Sc.: Microelectronics, Communication, Bio-engineering; Technion, 2003.

2D Materials and Van der Waals Heterostructures

Device Physics

Graphene Plasmonics

Graphene\Silicon Photonics

Hybrid Devices and Technologies

Integrated Optical Interconnect, Nano-Optoelectronics


Quantum Photonics