Call for proposals - Supporting travel to conferences & training for graduate students and post-docs (On going)

The Helen Diller Quantum Center will help finance travel costs for graduate students and post-docs for conferences and training related to the quantum field.

1. The support will be given to graduate students, and postdoctoral students registered at the Technion during the travel or training period.

2. The request will be submitted by the graduate student/post-doc via the below on line form, and  the submitter will indicate his/her research topic at the Technion and its relevance to the request.

3. The application will be accompanied by a letter of support from the advisor.

     A post-doc will also submit - a "travel authorization form" (from the Manlam’s office),

     approved by the Dean's office in the relevant faculty.

4. One application can be submitted per year (calendar year). This application can include up to two travel requests.

5. The maximum rate of support per application is up to $1,500 (including VAT) for a trip to Europe, and up to $2,500 (including VAT) for a trip to the USA / the Far East, against matching of no less than 30% from another source (advisor, self, other).

a. If two requests are included in one application- the total amount of both requests together is up to the amount as indicated above.

6. The support will be given for one of the following purposes:

a. Participation in conferences - a subsidy for the costs of travel, stay and registration for the conference. Subsidy will be given to a student or post-doc who presents his/her work done at the Technion.

b. Training in a host laboratory - subsidizing travel and stay costs.

               Students and post docs who will travel for the purpose of training for over a month

               can apply for a higher support of up to $3,000 (including VAT) for a trip to Europe,

               and up to $4,000  (including VAT)  for a trip to the USA / the Far East.

7. A poster presented in a conference will include the Helen Diller Quantum Center logo, and an author's affiliation in an article will indicate the center, for example: “Department of X and the Helen Diller Quantum Center, Technion, Israel”

On any publication, please list the Helen Diller Quantum Center as part of your affiliation. For Example:  Israel Israeli 1,2

  1. Department of XXX, Technion
  2.  The Helen Diller Quantum Center

At the end of the trip, please send an email to the Helen Diller quantum center confirming that the trip related invoices and receipts have been submitted and approved by the Technion finance department for reimbursement, according to the Technion formal procedure.

- Receipt of the reimbursement for the trip is subject to the trip approval in the SAP portal and according to the approval and information sent to those entitled from the portal.

Applications for this funding can be submitted on an ongoing basis throughout the year (Funding is subject to the center's budget limitations).

Replies will be given once a month.



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